The Department of Prenatal Medicine at the University Hospital of Gießen and Marburg is one of the leading centers for prenatal diagnosis and therapy in Germany (DEGUM – German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine – level III). Highly qualified doctors with many years of experience in ultrasound diagnosis will provide you with specialized medical advice. We offer you the complete scope of prenatal diagnosis and therapy, including pre- and postnatal medical attendance in our perinatal center. Targeted ultrasound examinations allow us to exclude or diagnose at an early stage a wide range of developmental disorders, including a number of fetal malformations, maladies and life-threatening conditions. All methods of invasive diagnosis are performed, including chorionic villous biopsies, amniocentesis and fetal blood samples
Should a malformation or malady be suspected, we offer you a “second opinion” concerning diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic options. Our extensive consultation will include colleagues from other fields of medicine (neonatology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric surgery, pediatric nephrology, genetics, etc.) as well, whenever necessary.

Zentrum für Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe Gießen
Universitätsklinikum Gießen and Marburg – Department of Obstetrics and Prenatal Medicine, University of Gießen and Marburg
Klinikstraße 28
D-35385 Gießen

Phone: 0049-641 / 99-45170; 99-45200
Fax: 0049-641/ 99-45107

Contact (office):
Phone: 0049-641 / 99-45271
E-mail: roland.axt-fliedner@gyn.med.uni-giessen.de

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