TPF-C HIT Studie

C12 boost RT bei Kopf-Hals-Tumoren


Locally advanced tumors of the oro-, hypo pharynx and larynx are suitable for this trial. Apart of a induction chemotherapy using Docetaxel, Cisplatinum and 5FU (TPF), the design is pretty similar to the accept trial. Patients receive a 8 x 3 GyE carbon ion boost to the primarily  macroscopic tumor sites and a 25 x 2 Gy photon IMRT to the lymphatic drainage of the head and neck. Additionally, patients receive weekly Cetuximab. The primary endpoint is toxicity in this prospective mono-centric, non-randomized phase II trial. The recruitment of 50 patients was planned, however, the study had to be closed due to bad recruitment. Details of this trial can be read elsewhere (JENSEN, BMC).