IPI- Studie

C12/H1 for prostate carcinoma


The role of the use of ions in the primary treatment of prostate cancer is unknown. There are no prospective proton data. However, NIRS has published promising results in respect of the hypo fractionated use of carbon ions [12]. The IPI trial wants to confirm these Japanese data in a prospective randomized phase II trial. In addition, basis data of toxicity and biochemical progression free survival should be established for the use of hypofractionated ion treatment (carbon ions and protons) using raster scan technique. Patients with low of intermediate risk prostate are included in this trial. patients receive either 20 x 3.3 GyE carbons ions or 20 x 3 .3 GyE protons. All patients received a spacer gel between rectum and prostate for additional rectum protection and buffering internal prostate movement [13]. The protocol is currently under review for publication. Between May 2011 and October 2012 all planned 92 patients could have been recruited.