Hypofractionated H1 for prostate cancer recurrence

This trial focuses on the use of protons in the postoperative situation of prostate cancer (either as adjuvant treatment or as salvage treatment). An earlier trial looked at the effectivity and toxicity of a hypo fractionated photon IMRT to the prostatic bed in those patients (PRIAMOS trial [14]). PROLOG is the successor of this trial. Patients with pT3 and/or R1 status or patients with an PSA recurrence after surgery will receive 18 x 3 GyE protons to the prostatic bed. The main objective is to demonstrate the safety and feasibility of a hypofractionated proton irradiation of the prostate bed. Treatment safety will be judged by the incidence of NCI CTC AE grade 3–4 toxicity and by occurrence of treatment discontinuation. A total of 40 patients should be included in this trial and recruitment is currently continuing.