Laboratory for Multimodal Neuroimaging (LMN)

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Andreas Jansen

One of our primary research goals is to understand the basic principles underlying hemispheric lateralization. We address this question using multimodal imaging techniques, aiming at characterizing the principles of hemispheric lateralization in terms of asymmetries in brain connectivity. In our interdisciplinary research team, we further develop methods to improve the quality of the data acquisition, to integrate different imaging modalities, and to advance data analysis techniques. These methods are applied in various research projects in cognitive and clinical neuroscience, for instance in the field of imaging genetics and in multicenter studies on psychiatric disorders. The research group is closely interlinked with the research groups “Social Neuroscience” (PI: Dr. Sören Krach) and “MRI Physics” (PI: Dr. Jens Sommer) as well as the Core-Unit Brainimaging.

Focus of research:

  • Hemispheric lateralization
  • Brain connectivity
  • Reliability of MRI data
  • Imaging Genetics

Research Group:

  • Dr. rer. med. Miriam Bopp (postdoc)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Kim Wende (postdoc)
  • Peer Herholz (PhD student)
  • Verena Schuster (PhD student)
  • Chantal Schröder (MD student)
  • Christoph Vogelbacher (PhD student)
  • Kristin Zimmermann (PhD student)
  • Ina Hübener (student assistant)
  • Roman Kessler (student assistant)
  • Anna Rysop (student assistant)
  • Corinna Scharffe (student assistant)

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